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QUEST | Change Facilitation Toolkit
[Facilitating Collaborative Change in diverse stakeholders and groups]  
Online Mentoring Program
4 - 6  x 1hr Conference calls
Moodle e-learning | Scripts for 24 core tools
Group Mentoring: Feb 27, 2012

Individual Mentoring: On demand

Registration & Payment
QUEST Course Flyer PDF

Intermediate Level | Change Agents, Facilitators, Project Leaders, consultants, trainers, advocates, anyone implementing strategy and/or leading a group through change

Facilitating Collaborative Change
[Facilitating multiple, mixed & diverse stakeholders]

1 Day Experiential Workshop  
Crows Nest December 16, 2011

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FCC Workshop Flyer PDF

For everyone who works or advocates with groups | Local government, NGOs, Corporate, government, community, education, environment,


Change Agent 101
Experiential Workshop  
Full range change agent toolkit includes tasters in facilitation, coaching, mentoring, experience-based learning, More Info

1. QUEST | Change Facilitation Toolkit | Mentoring Program

  • Group Mentoring by Conference Call

  • 6 - 8 weeks @ 1 hr per week

  • Moodle e-Learning

  •  Available worldwide

  • Intermediate Level | Facilitators, Change Agents, Project Leaders

  • Individual mentoring by arrangement

  • QUEST Course Flyer PDF

What would it take to facilitate meetings and workshops that engage people, get to the heart of an issue, explore options, make decisions, empower champions, initiate change and get things done?

What difference would it make if change were implemented collaboratively and people who commit to action, actually do what they say they will do?

QUEST | Facilitating Change Toolkit is a blend of today's best practice and ideas with more than 24 scripted tools and links to hundreds of resources.

Workshops:  universal approach for facilitating scalable vision strategy, culture, sustainability, change and workshops for any other purpose.

Project meetings:  is ideal for project meetings and other complex meetings saving time, increasing energy, engaging people and getting things done.

Suitable for Business, Education, Community.


Course Content

QUEST is a comprehensive blend of today's best practice and ideas with more than 24 scripted tools and links to hundreds of resources that will change your meetings and workshops forever.

  • Design: Contracting; Opening & Closing Rituals;  Planning tools; Ground rules; Strategy frameworks; Icebreakers; Energisers; Debriefing and evaluation

  • Questions: Strategic Questioning;   Solutions Focus; Appreciative Inquiry

  • Conversations:     Dialogue; The World Café; Café Style Meetings; Deliberative Dialogues; Focused conversations ; Non-Violent Communication; Conversation Café

  • Visualisation: Working on walls; The Great Wall; Art Gallery; Mind Mapping; Brainstorming

  • Self organisation: Open Space Technology; Open Space Style Meetings; Un-Conferences; Barcamp

  • Getting Things Done: Action Planning; Traction Planning; Prioritisation; Getting Things Done; Workout; Project meetings

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2. Facilitating Community Collaboration | Experiential Workshop

Community collaboration | Stakeholder Partnerships | Strategic Planning
and implementation | Run effective energising meetings

One Day Workshop Taster

Local Government | Community Partnerships | NGOs | Government | Business

FCC Workshop Flyer PDF

Selecting & Applying Collaboration Tools

Collaboration with the community, NGOs, utilities, business, government, associations and each other, is the great challenge of the next decade.

It is no longer enough to just involve, consult and inform.

Collaboration bridges the gap, between corporate outcomes and community energy. It is the common ingredient in all current participation trends and initiatives.


What are the benefits?

Build your capacity to achieve both corporate outcomes and community aspirations.

Build community spirit by running energising community gatherings where everyone is heard and things get done.

Select the most effective tools for maximum outcomes from project and business meetings.

Save consultants fees by building internal and community facilitation capacity.

Develop a robust organisation culture via dynamic 30 minute project meetings that get more work done in less time with less effort.

LG: Select and use tools that will achieve outcomes in implementing the integrated planning and reporting framework. [Community Strategic Plan | Resourcing Strategy | Delivery Program | Operational Plans]


Who will benefit?

Project managers, partnership brokers, corporate planners, general managers, sustainability educators, community liaison officers, directors, change agents, councillors and anyone who runs meetings or works with community.


What do you get?

·         Tool Selector comprising 24 Tools
[design, questioning, conversations, visualisation, self-organisation and traction]

·         Customise a tool selector for your own needs

·         A live practical experience with 15 core Tools

·         Learn what tools work best in different situations

·         Capacity building in DIY facilitation

·         Dynamic workbook

·        Optional upgrade to advanced program [QUEST]



Locations and Dates:

Sydney [Crows Nest]

Fuller Hall, Crows Nest Centre,
2 Ernest Place, Crows Nest NSW 2065
(02) 9439 5122
9.00am - 4.30pm

Friday Dec 16, 2011


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Western Sydney tba tba

Coffs Harbour

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FCC Workshop Flyer PDF


Registration and Payment

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