TinCAN U | Blended e-Learning

TinCAN U Courses combine self-directed e-learning, webinars, group coaching, action learning, buddy learning cafes, dynamic workbook, mentoring on the go, personal project and community of practice plus web tools including blog, wiki and journal.

TinCAN U Courses are designed for busy people as well as those without easy access to major cities. It's eco-friendly and saves costs by reducing learning miles and therefore our carbon footprint.

New and updated TinCAN U | Self Coaching | Blended e-Learning Courses in 2009 include:

Change Agent Development Program

Episode 1: Developing & Implementing Doable Vision & Strategy

Episode 2: Facilitating Collaborative Change

Episode 3: Enabling Confident Leaders

Facilitation Courses:

QUEST | Change Facilitation Toolkit (Distance Learning over 8 weeks)

Facilitating Collaborative Change | Tool Selector (1 day workshop taster)

Leadership Courses:

LeadingValues | Leader as Change Agent (Distance Learning over 8 weeks)

Leading Collaborative Change (1 day workshop taster)

Business Courses:

Small Business Mentoring | Learning Gym over 10 -12 weeks

SellingValues | A primer for non-selling professionals ...who sell